Ginkgo Biloba and Emerald Hummingbird


Perched on a Ginkgo Biloba branch sits an emerald green hummingbird. Serenely observing it's surroundings radiating a sense of calm. 

  • You will receive the Original watercolor painting
  • Painted on 300gsm, 100% our cotton watercolour paper from Arches
  • Size 36cm x 26cm (Frame and Mount Not Included)
  • Your piece will be shipped within 2 - 3 working days
  • check here for Shipping Costs

Ginkgo Biloba is a beautiful Tree and it has many meanings of hope and strength associated with it. This tree is a joy to look at, it's leaves flutter like butterflies in a vibrant hue of green and in autumn they turn to a glorious golden color. The emerald hummingbird seemed the perfect addition to the beautiful foliage and radiates the serene atmosphere I was trying to create.