About Suba

 Sue the artist and Schnucki the Schnauzer Portrait



My name is Sue and I am the watercolour artist behind Suba Designs. Also I am a dog mama to Schnucki, an outdoor nature lover, an interior design enthusiast and much more.  My pieces are inspired by the adventures I go on in the gorgeous West of Ireland, where I live and sometimes further afield, although not at the moment. When I am out and about I try to observe with all my senses and really absorb not just what I see, but also how it makes me feel. For me nature has a certain magic, an ability to create calm and to remind you that you are just one part of the bigger picture. By tuning in with the moment I can connect to it and the flora and fauna I observe is observing me just as much. That connection and feeling of calm is what I try to infuse into my work. Bringing nature in, understanding it more and learning about it and giving it the respect it deserves means a lot to me. 

At the moment you can buy my original watercolours and limited edition prints here. Hopefully in the not to distant future you will get to buy some of my textile pieces too, but this is work in progress and if you’d like to follow my journey you can do that on Facebook and Instagram or by signing up to my newsletter.

For now thanks for taking the time to have a look and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about my work. 

Take Care